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  • Race to the Sun

    Rebecca Roanhorse

    Paperback (Rick Riordan Presents, Jan. 5, 2021)
    Lately, seventh grader Nizhoni Begay has been able to detect monsters, like that man in the fancy suit who was in the bleachers at her basketball game. Turns out he's Mr. Charles, her dad's new boss at the oil and gas company, and he's alarmingly interested in Nizhoni and her brother, Mac, their Navajo heritage, and the legend of the Hero Twins. Nizhoni knows he's a threat, but her father won't believe her. When Dad disappears the next day, leaving behind a message that says "Run!", the siblings and Nizhoni's best friend, Davery, are thrust into a rescue mission that can only be accomplished with the help of Diné Holy People, all disguised as quirky characters. Their aid will come at a price: the kids must pass a series of trials in which it seems like nature itself is out to kill them. If Nizhoni, Mac, and Davery can reach the House of the Sun, they will be outfitted with what they need to defeat the ancient monsters Mr. Charles has unleashed. But it will take more than weapons for Nizhoni to become the hero she was destined to be . . . Timeless themes such as the importance of family and respect for the land resonate in this funny, fast-paced, and exciting quest adventure set in the American Southwest.
  • A Good Girl's Guide to Murder

    Holly Jackson

    Paperback (Ember, Jan. 5, 2021)
    THE INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER! For readers of Kara Thomas and Karen McManus, an addictive, twisty crime thriller with shades of Serial and Making a Murderer about a closed local murder case that doesn't add up, and a girl who's determined to find the real killer--but not everyone wants her meddling in the past.Everyone in Fairview knows the story.Pretty and popular high school senior Andie Bell was murdered by her boyfriend, Sal Singh, who then killed himself. It was all anyone could talk about. And five years later, Pip sees how the tragedy still haunts her town.But she can't shake the feeling that there was more to what happened that day. She knew Sal when she was a child, and he was always so kind to her. How could he possibly have been a killer?Now a senior herself, Pip decides to reexamine the closed case for her final project, at first just to cast doubt on the original investigation. But soon she discovers a trail of dark secrets that might actually prove Sal innocent . . . and the line between past and present begins to blur. Someone in Fairview doesn't want Pip digging around for answers, and now her own life might be in danger.This is the story of an investigation turned obsession, full of twists and turns and with an ending you'll never expect."The perfect nail-biting mystery." --Natasha Preston, #1 New York Times bestselling author
  • From the Desk of Zoe Washington

    Janae Marks

    Paperback (Katherine Tegen Books, Jan. 5, 2021)
    An Amazon Best Book of the Month * #1 Kids Indie Next List * A Junior Library Guild Selection * Four Starred Reviews From debut author Janae Marks comes a captivating story full of heart, as one courageous girl questions assumptions, searches for the truth, and does what she believes is right—even in the face of great opposition. Zoe Washington isn’t sure what to write. What does a girl say to the father she’s never met, hadn’t heard from until his letter arrived on her twelfth birthday, and who’s been in prison for a terrible crime? A crime he says he never committed. Could Marcus really be innocent? Zoe is determined to uncover the truth. Even if it means hiding his letters and her investigation from the rest of her family. Everyone else thinks Zoe’s worrying about doing a good job at her bakery internship and proving to her parents that she’s worthy of auditioning for Food Network’s Kids Bake Challenge.But with bakery confections on one part of her mind, and Marcus’s conviction weighing heavily on the other, this is one recipe Zoe doesn’t know how to balance. The only thing she knows to be true: Everyone lies."When Marcus tells Zoe he is innocent, and her grandmother agrees, Zoe begins to learn about inequality in the criminal justice system, and she sets out to find the alibi witness who can prove his innocence." (Publishers Weekly, "An Anti-Racist Children's and YA Reading List")
  • Bear Island

    Matthew Cordell

    Hardcover (Feiwel & Friends, Jan. 26, 2021)
    Bear Island is a heartfelt picture book about healing after loss by Caldecott Medalist Matthew Cordell.Louise and her family are sad over the loss of their beloved dog, Charlie. "Life will not be the same," Louise says, as she visits a little island that Charlie loved.But on a visit to the island after Charlie's death, something strange happens: She meets a bear. At first, she's afraid, but soon she realizes that the bear is sad, too. As Louise visits more often, she realizes that getting over loss takes time. And just when she starts to feel better, it's time for Bear to bed down for the winter. Once again, Louise believes that life will not be the same. But sometimes, things can change for the better, and on the first warm day of spring, her family welcomes a new member. Here is a lovely, poignant story about loss and healing that will bring comfort to even the youngest readers.
  • Glimpsed

    G.F. Miller

    eBook (Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, Jan. 5, 2021)
    Perfect for fans of Geekerella and Jenn Bennett, this charming, sparkly rom-com follows a wish-granting teen forced to question if she’s really doing good—and if she has the power to make her own dreams come true.Charity is a fairy godmother. She doesn’t wear a poofy dress or go around waving a wand, but she does make sure the deepest desires of the student population at Jack London High School come true. And she knows what they want even better than they do because she can glimpse their perfect futures. But when Charity fulfills a glimpse that gets Vindhya crowned homecoming queen, it ends in disaster. Suddenly, every wish Charity has ever granted is called into question. Has she really been helping people? Where do these glimpses come from, anyway? What if she’s not getting the whole picture? Making this existential crisis way worse is Noah—the adorkable and (in Charity’s opinion) diabolical ex of one of her past clients—who blames her for sabotaging his prom plans and claims her interventions are doing more harm than good. He demands that she stop granting wishes and help him get his girl back. At first, Charity has no choice but to play along. But soon, Noah becomes an unexpected ally in getting to the bottom of the glimpses. Before long, Charity dares to call him her friend…and even starts to wish he were something more. But can the fairy godmother ever get the happily ever after?
  • Crisanta Knight: Midnight Law

    Geanna Culbertson

    language (BQB Publishing, Jan. 1, 2021)
    SIMy best friend Crisanta Knight is quite good at storytelling---the sass, hyperbole, quick description of action. But I am not her, so I will be bringing my own voice to the table. While she went to Dreamland to wake a prince and princess from a sleeping curse, I stayed in Book to broker peace between the commons and our realm's higher-ups---a choice I was confident in until myfriends returned with Crisa. If I had been with them could I have saved her?JasonNormally I had a lot on my to-do list---hero classes, captain my Twenty-Three Skidd team, fighting nad guys. Now there were only three things on my list: 1) Deal with the fact Blue shut me down after I told her about my feelings for her; 2) Respect her viewpoint but also change her perspective; 3) Figure out where the frack Crisa disappeared to and bring her home.DanielI was never sure I deserved to be called a "hero," but I'd been trying to earn it. My friends needed me to be one. Yet, despite fighting my hardest, I failed and a friend slipped through the cracks. So I didn't care if I could turn to stone by invoking Midnight Law---if it was my best shot at bringing her home, I would follow the enchantment to Oz, Wonderland, Earth, and whereever else it took me.BlueThings had already gotten complicated when Jason made his. . . prounouncement. But now Crisa was lost and in danger, our enemies set on forcing her to lose control of her Pure Magic so she'd turn dark and help them conquer our realm. Which meant I had to make sure the two heroes magically able to find her made the right moves, and be willing to shake up the world like a dang salad mixer to keep the peace and save what mattered most.
  • First Day of Unicorn School

    Jess Hernandez, Mariano Epelbaum

    Hardcover (Capstone Editions, Jan. 1, 2021)
    Milly is incredibly excited to go to Unicorn School, a school that accepts only the best and the brightest. There's only one problem: she isn't a unicorn! She's a donkey in a party hat. Milly first feels uncomfortable but eventually learns that she and the others at the school have more in common than it might have seemed.
  • The Great White Shark

    Joseph Monninger

    Paperback (Scholastic Inc., Jan. 5, 2021)
    An action-packed story perfect for fans of shark attack novels, with a touch of STEM, that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.DANGER FROM THE DEPTHS!In beautiful Cape Cod, a fatal Great White attack rocks the popular tourist destination. As the beaches are closed and locals grow angry, a recently arrived Barn Whimbril heads straight into the action. But with a group of local teens determined to surf no matter what or who gets in the way, can Barn safely investigate the attack or will he come face-to-face with the ocean's most feared apex predator?
  • Curls

    Ruth Forman, Geneva Bowers

    Board book (Little Simon, Jan. 12, 2021)
    A joyfully poetic board book that delivers an ode to African American girls and the beauty of their curls.Me Morning Mirror Smile Shine big hair love This simple, playful, and beautiful board book stars five friends who celebrate the joy and confidence that comes from a perfect hairstyle from bouncing curls to swinging braids.
  • Watch Me: A Story of Immigration and Inspiration

    Doyin Richards, Joe Cepeda

    Hardcover (Feiwel & Friends, Jan. 12, 2021)
    A picture book about immigration, Watch Me is based on the author's father's own story. Joe came to America from Africa when he was young. He worked hard in school, made friends, and embraced his new home. Like so many immigrants before and after him, Joe succeeded when many thought he would fail.In telling the story of how his father came to America, Doyin Richards tells the story of many immigrants, and opens the experience up to readers of all backgrounds. Here is a moving and empowering story of how many different people, from different places, make us great. Acclaimed artist Joe Cepeda brings the story to life with beautiful paintings, full of heart.
  • The Villain Institute: A Paranormal Penitentiary Fantasy Romance Series

    Megan Linski, Alicia Rades, Hidden Legends

    language (, Jan. 5, 2021)
    Love is even more dangerous behind bars.Release date is temporary and will be moved forward.Ava-MarieMy name is Ava-Marie, and I love living on the dark side. Getting into trouble is kind of my thing, but one night, I take revenge too far. I’m sentenced to a reform school for magical delinquents— though really, it’s a prison. As the only supernatural who can control both fire and water, I’m already a target. To make matters worse, I literally share a soul with Charlie— a sexy inmate from the wrong side of the tracks. Surviving at the Institute is almost as risky as falling in love.But there’s a way out. The Warden is offering a pardon for the team who wins the Darke Games— a sick, twisted competition where more prisoners come out dead than alive. They think I'm the bad guy. I'm about to show them just how much of a villain I can be.CharlieI shouldn’t be at the Institute. I’m in here because of her— the girl who claims to own half my soul. After losing my sight, I grew up as an orphan, banished from magical society. I learned enough on the streets to survive the gangs and fight clubs inside the prison. But nothing could prepare me for the Darke Games. Ava-Marie is my worst enemy, but if we’re going to break out of here, we’ll have to get along. Yet the more I let Ava in, the more I want her. I can’t let my desire for her get in the way of my one chance at escape. Except it already has. There’s a dark power inside of Ava that terrifies me...And none of us will be prepared when it unleashes.***The Villain Institute is the first book in the Prison for Supernatural Offenders series. A new adult college paranormal romance, this supernatural prison ignites dark passions and secret adventures. This series takes place in the Hidden Legends Universe, along with the Academy of Magical Creatures series, University of Sorcery series and the College of Witchcraft series. Each series stands on its own and can be read in any order. This is a full-length novel over 400 pages. Recommended reading age 16+.Special pre-order price! Breakout of the Institute and pre-order today!
  • Stella DĂ­az Dreams Big

    Angela Dominguez

    Hardcover (Roaring Brook Press, Jan. 12, 2021)
    A heartfelt middle-grade novel from award-winning author and illustrator Angela Dominguez, Stella DĂ­az Dreams Big, based on the author's experiences growing up Mexican-American. Stella has started fourth grade and things are going swimmingly! She joins a new art club and begins taking swim classes. And her conservation club is still hard at work saving the oceans.Suddenly, Stella is way too busy for everything on her schedule. With so much going on, can she achieve her goals without letting anyone down? This infectiously charming character comes to life through relatable storytelling including simple Spanish vocabulary and adorable black-and-white art.