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  • Out of Time

    Geronimo Stilton

    Hardcover (Scholastic Paperbacks, Jan. 5, 2021)
    A thrilling quest through the past with Geronimo Stilton and his friends.Geronimo travels through time to Alexander the Great, Cleopatra, Francis Drake, and a young Mozart.
  • The Hero Next Door: A We Need Diverse Books Anthology

    Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich

    Paperback (Yearling, Jan. 5, 2021)
    From We Need Diverse Books, the organization behind Flying Lessons & Other Stories, comes another middle-grade short-story collection--this one focused on exploring acts of bravery--featuring some of the best own-voices children's authors, including R. J. Palacio (Wonder), Rita Williams-Garcia (One Crazy Summer), Linda Sue Park (A Long Walk to Water), and many more.Not all heroes wear capes. Some heroes teach martial arts. Others talk to ghosts. A few are inventors or soccer players. They're also sisters, neighbors, and friends. Because heroes come in many shapes and sizes. But they all have one thing in common: they make the world a better place. Published in partnership with We Need Diverse Books, this vibrant anthology features thirteen acclaimed authors whose powerful and diverse voices show how small acts of kindness can save the day. So pay attention, because a hero could be right beside you. Or maybe the hero is you.AUTHORS INCLUDE: William Alexander, Joseph Bruchac, Lamar Giles, Mike Jung, Hena Khan, Juana Medina, Ellen Oh, R. J. Palacio, Linda Sue Park and Anna Dobbin, Cynthia Leitich Smith, Ronald L. Smith, Rita Williams-Garcia, and short-story contest winner Suma Subramaniam“As with the two previous anthologies from We Need Diverse Books, this collection admirably succeeds in making available to all readers a wider and more representative range of American voices and protagonists.” —The Washington Post
  • Last Night at the Telegraph Club

    Malinda Lo

    eBook (Dutton Books for Young Readers, Jan. 19, 2021)
    Acclaimed author of Ash Malinda Lo returns with her most personal and ambitious novel yet, a gripping story of love and duty set in San Francisco's Chinatown during the 1950s."That book. It was about two women, and they fell in love with each other." And then Lily asked the question that had taken root in her, that was even now unfurling its leaves and demanding to be shown the sun: "Have you ever heard of such a thing?"Seventeen-year-old Lily Hu can't remember exactly when the question took root, but the answer was in full bloom the moment she and Kathleen Miller walked under the flashing neon sign of a lesbian bar called the Telegraph Club. America in 1954 is not a safe place for two girls to fall in love, especially not in Chinatown. Red-Scare paranoia threatens everyone, including Chinese Americans like Lily. With deportation looming over her father--despite his hard-won citizenship--Lily and Kath risk everything to let their love see the light of day.
  • My Little Golden Book About Frida Kahlo

    Silvia Lopez, Elisa Chavarri

    Hardcover (Golden Books, Jan. 12, 2021)
    A Little Golden Book biography of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, written for preschoolers.This Little Golden Book captures the essence of Frida Kahlo for the youngest readers. From overcoming illness, to being one of only a handful of girls at her school in Mexico, to having her paintings hanging in museums, this is an inspiring read for future trailblazers and their parents! Features informative text and colorful illustrations inspired by Frida's own artwork.Look for these other Little Golden Book biographies: My Little Golden Book About Ruth Bader Ginsburg, My Little Golden Book About Jackie Robinson, My Little Golden Book About Martin Luther King Jr., My Little Golden Book About George Washington, My Little Golden Book About Abraham Lincoln, My Little Golden Book About Balto, and My Little Golden Book About Johnny Appleseed.
  • The Doll in the Hall and Other Scary Stories: An Acorn Book

    Max Brallier, Letizia Rubegni

    Paperback (Scholastic Inc., Jan. 5, 2021)
    Beginning readers will love these spooky stories from New York Times bestselling author Max Brallier!Pick a book. Grow a Reader!This series is part of Scholastic's early reader line, Acorn, aimed at children who are learning to read. With easy-to-read text, a short-story format, and full-color artwork on every spread, these books will boost reading confidence and fluency. Acorn books plant a love of reading and help readers grow!Who is that sitting in the hallway? What is itching underneath the cast? This scary story collection from New York Times bestselling author Max Brallier is perfect for beginning readers who are looking to be spooked. With simple text, creepy full-color artwork on every page, and genuine scares, these five hair-raising stories are sure to keep your reader coming back for more -- if they dare!
  • All We Left Behind

    Danielle R. Graham

    Paperback (One More Chapter Crime & Thrlr, Jan. 5, 2021)
    The Tattooist of AuschwitzThe Secret OrphanA powerful and incredibly moving historical novel inspired by an untold story of the Second World War.
  • Classroom of the Elite

    Syougo Kinugasa, Tomoseshunsaku

    Paperback (Seven Seas, Jan. 19, 2021)
    THE SCHEMER, REVEALED!The end of the second semester is near, and Ryuuen’s manhunt for Class D’s mastermind is only getting more aggressive. When he and his goons decide to torture an answer out of Karuizawa, Ayanokouji decides it’s finally time to step forward―if, that is, Karuizawa doesn’t break under the pressure first!
  • We Free the Stars

    Hafsah Faizal

    eBook (Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR), Jan. 19, 2021)
    The follow-up to the New York Times bestselling novel We Hunt the Flame!After the battle on Sharr that closed We Hunt the Flame, Zafira and Nasir return to a ghostly Sultan’s Keep, low on resources and allies alike. The dark forest has fallen, but the kingdom teems with fear of the Lion of the Night’s return. As Nasir fights to command the dark power in his blood, Zafira fights against a very different darkness festering through her bond with the Jawarat. The second book in the Sands of Arawiya duology, by the masterful Hafsah Faizal.
  • The Great Gatsby

    F. Scott Fitzgerald

    Hardcover (Sirius, Jan. 1, 2021)
    This stylish jacketed hardback presents one of the greatest works of modern literature, The Great Gatsby, featuring a contemporary cover design and beautiful endpapers. Jay Gatsby is a mystery to Nick. On the surface he is a man of wealth and excess - throwing wild, extravagant parties that run deep into the night. But cracks begin to show in this façade as we meet Daisy Buchanan, the lady across the lake who is the object of his quiet obsession. A paragon of the Great American Novel, The Great Gatsby is a tragic love story which captures the hollow decadence of the Jazz Age. As events unfold, both Gatsby and narrator Nick are forced to confront the rot beneath the shiny surface of high society and the unreality of the American dream.This collector's edition would make a wonderful gift for any literature lover.
  • Reincarnated as a Sword

    Yuu Tanaka, Llo

    Paperback (Seven Seas, Jan. 5, 2021)
    THAR SHE BLOWS!With the Beast King’s revelations fresh in their minds, Fran and Teacher board a ship bound for the Beastman Nation. Little do they know that the sea has a whale of an adventure in store for them!
  • The Beautiful Struggle

    Ta-Nehisi Coates

    Hardcover (Delacorte Press, Jan. 12, 2021)
    Adapted from the adult memoir by the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Water Dancer and Between the World and Me, this father-son story explores how boys become men, and quite specifically, how Ta-Nehisi Coates became Ta-Nehisi Coates.Coates grew up in the tumultuous 1980's in Baltimore, known as the murder capital back then. With seven siblings, four mothers, and one highly unconventional father: Paul Coates, a larger-than-life Vietnam Vet, Black Panther, Afrocentric scholar, Ta-Nehisi's coming of age story is gripping and lays bare the struggles of inner-city kids.With candor, Ta-Nehisi Coates details the challenges on the streets and within one's family, especially the eternal struggle for peace between a father and son and the important role family plays in such circumstances.Praise for the adult edition of THE BEAUTIFUL STRUGGLE:"Ta-Nehisi Coates is the young James Joyce of the hip-hop generation." --Walter Mosley"Haunting and healing . . . a splendid memoir" --Essence"A brilliant coming-of-age story." --People
  • Unleashed

    Amy McCulloch

    eBook (Sourcebooks Young Readers, Jan. 5, 2021)
    The Golden Compass for the digital age in this action-packed sequel to Jinxed.When Lacey Chu wakes up in a hospital room with no memory of how she got there, she knows something went really wrong. And with her cat baku, Jinx, missing in action and MONCHA, the company behind the invention of the robot pet, threatening her family, she isn't sure who to turn to for answers.When Lacey is expelled and her mom starts acting strangely after the latest update from MONCHA, Lacey and her friends work together to get to the bottom of it and discover a sinister plot at the heart of the corporation.Lacey must use all her skills if she has a chance of stopping MONCHA from carrying out their plans. But can she take on the biggest tech company in North America armed with only a level 1 robot beetle and her friends at her side?Praise for Jinxed:"[A] vividly imagined Toronto-set middle grade series opener intertwines smartphone technology with the hallmarks of classic science fiction via a fun, insightful narrative and bright voice...With a sharp eye toward the rising awareness of device addiction and a keen sense of wonder, McCulloch's tale is a feast for the imagination that celebrates women in STEM fields."—Publishers Weekly (STARRED REVIEW)"McCulloch effectively strikes a balance between worldbuilding and action...A solid series starter for tinkerers and adventurers alike."—Kirkus Reviews"A little bit Golden Compass, a little bit Hunger Games, and all adventure!"—New York Times bestselling author Amie Kaufman