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Books with author Walter Gaffney-Kessell

  • The Pathless Woods: A Novel of Ernest Hemingway's Boyhood in Northern Michigan

    Gloria Whelan, Walter Gaffney-Kessell

    Hardcover (Harpercollins, April 1, 1981)
    Based on Ernest Hemingway's own account of his boyhood in Northern Michigan, this novel dramatizes the events of the summer of the author's sixteenth year
  • Daddy Will Be There

    Lois G. Grambling, Walter Gaffney-Kessell

    Hardcover (Greenwillow Books, May 29, 1998)
    The young narrator of this heartfelt picture book can do many things on her own. She can play in her backyard, attend a friend's birthday party, and go to kindergarten. Each activity leads her farther away from home, but faith in her father's presence at the end of the day never wavers. "I know Daddy will be there," she says with confidence. Lois G. Grambling and Walter Gaffney-Kessell have collaborated to create a warm and encouraging story that young listeners will readily embrace.
  • This Is Me, Laughing

    Lynea Bowdish, Walter Gaffney-Kessell

    Hardcover (Farrar Straus & Giroux, March 1, 1996)
    A young girl begins to laugh, and her laugh becomes contagious as spreads throughout her home, onto her block, and through all the streets of her small town, affecting everyone in her community with smiles and joy.
  • Lenny Kandell: Smart Aleck

    Ellen Conford, Walter Gaffney-Kessell

    Hardcover (Little Brown & Co, May 1, 1983)
    Determined to be the world's greatest stand-up comic, Lenny finds his plans upset when he gets on the bad side of the town bully
  • Frankie Is Staying Back

    Ron Roy, Walter Gaffney-Kessell

    Library Binding (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Sept. 1, 1981)
    Jonas tries to think of a way for the two friends to stay together when Frankie is told he must repeat third grade
  • Lenny Kandell, Smart Aleck -- w/ Dust Jacket

    Ellen Conford, Walter Gaffney-Kessell

    Hardcover (Little, Brown and Company, March 15, 1983)