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  • An Old Shell: Poems of the Galapagos

    Tony Johnston, Tom Pohrt

    Hardcover (Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR), Oct. 8, 1999)
    Poems in contemplation of an ecological treasure."When you stand in this place, wild and vast and stark, looking out over the endless and shining skin of the sea, you hear the flutter and roar of Creation, feel the stir of your own beginnings upon the delicate chain of life. Here, you are at the core of the mystery and poetry of Nature." So writes Tony Johnston, who visited the Galapagos Islands in 1995, in her eloquent author's note. This is her collection of thirty-four lyrical poems starring the wonderful islands and their unique inhabitants -- from the long-horned grasshopper to the rice rat -- and accompanied by naturalistic drawings by Tom Pohrt.
  • The Ghost of Nicholas Greebe

    Tony Johnston

    Library Binding (Dial Books, Sept. 1, 1996)
    Nicholas Greebe comes back to haunt a quiet New England farmhouse after a little dog accidentally unearths one of his bones, and, through a series of spooky happenings and endless wailings, Greebe makes his ghostly existence known, until all his bones are back together again.
  • My Best Friend Bear

    Tony Johnston, Joy Allen

    Hardcover (Rising Moon, March 1, 2001)
    When a treasured teddy bear becomes so worn that it is mistaken for a monkey, a little girl and her mother decide to restore Bear to "his good old self."
  • Ed Egg vs. Peg Leg Egg: A Fun Phonics Story Starring Short Vowel E

    Tate Johnston

    language (Riomo Books, May 17, 2016)
    Riomo Books: Love Learning To Read---- Skills. Confidence. Enjoyment. ----Short Vowel Shorts: The First Five Multi-word Books Your Child Can "Read On My Own"Is your child ready to read? If they know all their letter sounds, they can sound out (decode) and read these very short, confidence-building stories for children. Ed Egg vs. Peg Leg Egg is the first phonics eBook in this series and utilizes only the short vowel e because short vowel e is the easiest vowel to learn to read.Help your children hop into reading with this short story about what happens when a plain egg meets a pirate egg!You can simply enjoy seeing the satisfaction of a child successfully reading a whole story, or you can use the opportunity to help kids begin to develop the skills of predicting what will happen and making inferences about what happened.Short Vowel Shorts is a series of five phonics books for kids that can help them gain confidence as they learn how to read. The books are designed to be an engaging compliment to word family or phonics worksheets and other reading activities. They donโ€™t contain any sight words/tricky words, so children who know all their letter sounds but havenโ€™t learned sight words yet can sound out (decode) the words and read them, initially with help from a parent or teacher, and then by themselves.Each story contains only one short vowel sound, so children are only deciphering one vowel sound for the whole story rather than a mix of multiple vowel sounds.The aim of Short Vowel Shorts is to provide parents and teachers with an option for a phonics step between single letter sounds/word families and short stories that contain sight words and a mix of multiple vowel sounds. With original full color illustrations and in story format, Short Vowel Shorts can be an engaging supplement to word families that will have children gaining skills, confidence, and enjoyment as readers, and saying: "Can I Read-It-On-My-Own?" and then: โ€œI just Read-It-On-My-Own!โ€No sight words/tricky words.Full color original illustrations.Fun characters and stories.Build Skills, Confidence & EnjoymentHelp kids Love Learning to Read
  • Quilt Story

    Tony Johnston

    Paperback (Perfection Learning, Jan. 1, 1997)
    Classroom reproducible
  • The adventures of Mole & Troll

    Tony Johnston

    Unbound (Putnam, March 15, 1972)
    Two very good friends plan for Mother's Day, go to the beach, experiment with new shoes, and dig tunnels.
  • The Bull and the Fire Truck

    Tony Johnston, R. W. Alley

    Paperback (Scholastic, Sept. 1, 1996)
    Hating the color red from the moment he is taken away from his farm in a red truck, Bernardo the bull chases a fire truck that speeds by his field, with four-alarm results. Original.
  • Two Moons: Memories from a World with One

    Re Johnston

    Hardcover (Gazebo Bookworks, July 12, 2018)
    Reincarnation offers a second chance . . . but it comes with strings attached. On Jay's world coming of age is a big deal. That's when the recollections start. Recollections are powerful dreams filled with memories of the dreamer's previous life on Earth. They can lay the foundation of a successful second life, even change the world. Jay remembers everything of the woman he was on Earth. Ri Sun-Hui was a brilliant scientist, but she served a dictator's dark dreams. Hers was a life of misery with only a single joy--the precious daughter she would die for. Jay's memories are beyond disturbing. They threaten to destroy his new life. Can Jay escape who he was? If you ever wonder "what if?" you'll love this tale. Get it now. "A sparkling debut that leaves the reader's mental wheels turning." - Kirkus Reviews โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜… "The writing is great, the plot wonderful and the characters mesmerizing. RE Johnston transports readers into interesting landscapes and worlds, and invites them to redefine life." - Divine Zape for Readers' Favorite "Adults will enjoy the thought provoking study in the socio-political environment while young adults will identify with the adolescent who enjoys video games, his friends, and his girlfriend. It has the depth of character and connection to family and young love that ground it in our reality today, while at the same time allowing your imagination to soar."- Susan Stradiotto quoted in Hidden Gems' Best Young Adult Books We've Recently Reviewed
  • Quilt Story San

    Tony Johnston

    Paperback (Putnam Juvenile, April 16, 1992)
    "A quilt that provides warmth, fun, and comfort to two different generations is the star of this picture book . . . dePaola provides a warm, dignified intepretation of Johnston's story."--Booklist, starred review. Full-color illustrations.
  • 10 Fat Turkeys

    Tony Johnston, Rich Deas

    Library Binding (Turtleback Books, Oct. 1, 2004)
    FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. The antics of ten fat turkeys on a fence illustrate counting from ten to one.
  • The Vanishing Pumpkin

    Tony Johnston

    Hardcover (Oxford Univ Pr, June 1, 1983)
  • Four Scary Stories

    Tony Johnston

    Paperback (Demco Media, March 1, 1980)
    An imp, a goblin, a scalawag, and a boy tell each other scary stories.