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  • Bat Loves the Night: Read and Wonder

    Nicola Davies, Sarah Fox-Davies

    Paperback (Candlewick, Aug. 19, 2004)
    "A charming and informative story about a pipistrelle bat. . . . Offers vivid descriptions of the animal's flight, its navigational skills, and the hunt for food." — School Library JournalNight has fallen, and Bat awakens to find her evening meal. Follow her as she swoops into the shadows, shouting and flying, the echoes of her voice creating a sound picture of the world around her. When morning light creeps into the sky, Bat returns to the roost to feed her baby . . . and to rest until nighttime comes again. Bat loves the night!Back matter includes an index.A Common Core Text Exemplar
  • Ocean Monsters: Interact with Lifesize Sea Predators!

    Nicola Davies

    Hardcover (Carlton Kids, Oct. 3, 2017)
    Dive into the ocean and meet monsters with the magic of augmented reality! Colossal squid, deadly box jellyfish, and giant tube worms: Ocean Monsters is packed with fascinating information about the biggest, fiercest, and strangest creatures that live in our oceans. Thanks to the AR app, you can come face-to-face with a life-size, sharp-toothed shark; walk with a giant Japanese Spider crab; and drive a submersible through the watery depths . . . all from the convenience (and safety!) of your tablet or smartphone.
  • The Promise

    Nicola Davies

    Hardcover (Walker Books Ltd, Sept. 5, 2013)
  • Every Child A Song

    Nicola Davies

    Hardcover (Wren & Rook, Aug. 8, 2019)
    When you were born, a song began...So begins this lyrical and unique non-fiction picture book by award-winning children's author Nicola Davies. With tenderness and a good deal of heart, Nicola introduces young readers to the universal rights that every child is entitled to under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Using the metaphor of song, the book opens with the arrival of a newborn and its unique 'song', then pans out to explore all the essential things that every song needs to thrive - love, protection, a home, a name, the chance to explore and learn. In the latter half of the book, the issues of child labour, exploitation and war are sensitively introduced to emphasise that we all must play our part in championing children's rights and offering support to those who need it most. With beautiful and deeply moving watercolour illustrations by award-winning artist Marc Martin, this is a book that encourages children, and the adults in their lives, to speak up for young people all around the world, and to treat one another with compassion and kindness.
  • Tiny: The Invisible World of Microbes

    Nicola Davies

    Paperback (Walker Books Ltd, March 15, 2001)
  • Extreme Animals: The Toughest Creatures on Earth

    Nicola Davies, Neal Layton

    Paperback (Candlewick, April 28, 2009)
    "Davies’s chatty, funny text and Layton’s colorful illustrations will pull kids into this fascinating book about survival. . . . Exciting biology for the classroom." — Booklist (starred review)From the persevering emperor penguins of the South Pole to the brave bacteria inside bubbling volcanoes, from the hardy reptiles of the driest deserts to the squash-proof creatures of the deepest seabeds, animals have adapted to survive in conditions that would kill a human faster than you can say "coffin." Discover how they do it in this amazing natural history book from a celebrated team — and find out who wins the title of the toughest animal of them all.Back matter includes an index and a glossary.
  • Surprising Sharks: Read and Wonder

    Nicola Davies, James Croft

    Paperback (Candlewick, April 26, 2005)
    "Everything works in this book — the informative yet humorous writing, the not-too-scary illustrations, and a superb layout that employs multisized text and bright color backgrounds to great effect." — The Horn Book"SHAAAARRRKK!" That's probably the last word anyone wants to hear while swimming in the warm blue sea. But most sharks aren't at all what people expect. In fact, those who think all sharks are giant, man-eating killers are in for a surprise. The compelling narrative, colorful illustrations, and captivating facts in Surprising Sharks reveal that sharks come in all shapes and sizes — and probably should be more afraid of humans than we are of them.Back matter includes an index and a note about sharks.
  • The Wonder of Trees


    Hardcover (Hodder Childrens Books, )
    Did you know that there are over 60,000 tree species This stunning book explores the extraordinary diversity of trees and forests - the lungs of our earth.A glorious celebration of trees by non-fiction specialist Nicola Davies, illustrated by rising star Lorna Scobie, creators of the beautiful The Variety of Life. There is something to delight on every page with fascinating facts and figures. This exquisite book will encourage children to treasure the world's biodiversity and help to stop it slipping away.With fascinating facts and figures and sections on:- Wood, Trunks and Branches- Leaves- Roots Bark - Tree Skin - Flowers & Cones - Seeds - Plants on Trees- Insects in Trees- Reptiles & Amphibians in Trees- Birds and Trees Mammals in Trees- Communities of Trees- Taiga- Temperate Woodlands- Dry Gum Forest- Cloud Forest - Tropical Rainforests - Forest Relationships - Gifts from Trees - People of the Forest - Forest Destruction - How to Plant a Tree
  • First Book of Nature

    Nicola Davies

    Hardcover (Walker & Company, )
  • Hummingbird

    Nicola Davies, Jane Ray

    Hardcover (Candlewick, May 7, 2019)
    Follow a tiny hummingbird on its journey from Central America to Central Park in a captivating tale with exquisite illustrations echoing the creature’s jeweled tones.Tz'unun! Tz'unun! A buzz of wings, a flash of color . . . There’s a very special visitor in Granny’s garden. It’s a hummingbird! And it’s just about to begin its long migration, heading north to its nesting ground. Watch as it spreads joy to all who encounter it along its two-thousand-mile trek. In an engaging text sprinkled with facts, zoologist Nicola Davies introduces readers to this valiant bird, lighter than a nickel, while Jane Ray’s lush, intricate illustrations, accented in gold Pantone, highlight its jewel-like beauty. More details about hummingbirds, along with a bibliography and an index, are available at the end to budding ornithologists.
  • Everything You Need to Know about Animals: A First Enyclopedia for Budding Zoologists

    Nicola Davies

    Paperback (Kingfisher, April 16, 2013)
    Everything You Need to Know about Animals, an exciting companion to the all-encompassing reference Everything You Need to Know, and Everything You Need to Know about Science is now available in paperback. Arranged thematically into 5 core topics that explore the whole animal kingdom, it explores how different animals get around, what they eat, as well as investigates animal senses and reproduction. Readers' imaginations will be sparked on every page with this perfect one-volume encyclopedia. Activities, glossary words, web links, and fascinating facts galore will keep kids engaged and inspired. Informative and interactive features perfectly enhance and unite the reference sections.
  • Hummingbird

    Nicola Davies

    Hardcover (Walker Books, May 2, 2019)
    A Nature Storybook about hummingbirds, beautifully told and illustrated by Nicola Davies and Jane Ray.From Nicola Davies, award-winning non-fiction author, and Jane Ray, one of the country’s finest illustrators, comes a spellbinding Nature Storybook about hummingbirds. A hummingbird weighs less than a nickel, less than a 20 pence piece, less than a 50 cent bit. Whatever way you use to measure it, it’s tiny. But every spring, hummingbirds that have spent the winter in Mexico fly north to make the most of the warmer weather. They nest as far north as Canada and Alaska – a 2,000-mile trip, made by a bird smaller than your thumb. This is the story of one spring migration: of a tiny bird, its amazing journey and the people it meets along the way.