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Bill Thompson

The Crypt Trilogy Bundle

eBook (Ascendente Books July 28, 2018)
The Crypt Trilogy follows the adventures of one unique, wealthy man with many identities. In "The Relic of the King" a London bookseller falls through a basement floor into an ancient crypt, discovering something that may change history. An astonishing set of diaries turns up, written by a monarch whom history says never existed."The Crypt of the Ancients" takes the protagonist into the jungles of Guatemala, where a rebel leader captures a busload of tourists and holds them for ransom. When he begins killing them one by one, something must be done quickly. A beautiful archaeology student discovers an astonishing connection between two civilizations and secrets in a cave that will help free the prisoners.In "Ghost Train," our hero arrives in Berlin looking for clues about a rumored trainload of wealth stolen by the Nazis and hidden in a cavern. A cache that would fund Hitler's Fourth Reich lies hidden, and a Romanian family believes its patriarch has a coded diary that tells where he helped hide the train. Nothing is as it should be; a hundred-year-old murderer, a gypsy fortune-teller and greedy relatives lead Paul Silver on the most exciting adventure of his life - a search for the mysterious Ghost Train of the Nazis.

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