Kimbra Swain

Sight for Sore Eyes

Paperback (Independently published Sept. 4, 2018)
Queens across the ages have had children and ruled, but none of them were a Fairy Queen ruling from a trailer park. Struggling to balance life as a mom and a queen, Grace Ann Bryant leans on those who she trusts the most to protect her children. Astor, who returned from Summer with her, is a full-time nanny for Aydan and Winnie while Levi becomes Grace’s constant shadow. She’s decided to take back the Otherworld. Before she even sets her plan in motion, a dead human shows up within the protective wards of Shady Grove. The eyeless corpse sets off a curse that pits longtime friends against each other. Petty arguments escalate quickly, and the town begins to tear itself apart from the inside. All the while, someone is leaving haunting objects around town for Grace. Holding it together, she pushes back her grief, again and again, focusing on her children and Shady Grove. Side-by-side, Grace, and Levi search out the culprit who enacted the curse as she waits for Levi to tell her what happened to him while in the Otherworld. The Evil Eye has come to Shady Grove, and the Queen of the Exiles will discover the truth about Levi’s scars and face their maker in a curse-charged battle. Sight for Sore Eyes is about the things you can see, the things you can’t see, and the things you refuse to see. Will Levi and Grace stop the curse on Shady Grove? Why is there a fairy town in the middle of Alabama? Will Grace ever see Dylan again? Sight for Sore Eyes is Book 8 of the Fairy Tales of a Trailer Park Queen by Kimbra Swain. Other books in the series: Bless Your Heart Tinsel in a Tangle Snake in the Grass Comin' Up a Cloud Gully Washer Moonshine in a Mason Jar Hotter than Blue Blazes
Fairy Tales of a Trailer Park Queen (Book 8)
1720062412 / 9781720062417
14.7 oz.
6.0 x 0.6 in.

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