Kimbra Swain

Fuller than a Tick

Paperback (Independently published Dec. 19, 2018)
Wedding bells and buckets of blood.

With spirits high after a win at the Battle of Trailer Swamp, the citizens of Shady Grove get together to celebrate the nuptials of Astor Knight and Ella Jenkins. The happy day is interrupted by a warning from the Summer Queen, Rhiannon. Will she follow through with her threat?

A group of Native American shaman arrives to bless Dylan’s son, Aydan with his Thunderbird inheritance. The blessing is more than Grace and Levi could have ever expected. Will Aydan be able to bear the burden his father left behind?

The wolfpack has their own secrets. Multiplying members. Bullying. Hazing. Prize Fights. Troy and Dominick fight to control the pack. Is one of the pack a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Tennyson’s sources provide evidence that Uncle Brock is up to no good in the Otherworld as he searches for a weapon that Oberon concealed that could destroy Shady Grove and the whole human world. Can the Exiles make their move fast enough to stop him?

As plans for war escalate, Grace and Levi must make a dangerous trek into the Winter Otherworld. Will all who enter survive? Will those who are left behind in Shady Grove be safe?

Grace begins to ask herself if the impending war is worth it or should she call off the dogs? Perhaps she should ask the dead.

Fuller than a Tick is Book 10 in the Fairy Tales of a Trailer Park Queen by Kimbra Swain.

Fairy Tales of a Trailer Park Queen (Book 10)
1791961754 / 9781791961756
14.6 oz.
6.0 x 0.6 in.

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