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Fairy Tales of a Trailer Park Queen, Books 1-3

Kimbra Swain

Fairy Tales of a Trailer Park Queen, Books 1-3

language ( March 17, 2018)

Scorned by her family.
Banished by her kind.
Hunted by zealots.

Where does an exiled Fairy Queen hide?

A remote mountain cabin, the seedy underbelly of a metropolis, or an uninhabited island. All would be good choices, however, after hundreds of years on the run, the daughter of Oberon, King of the Wild Fairies, signs a binding contract with the zealots that hunt her. In exchange, they allow her to settle down in the last place anyone would look for fairy royalty.

Adopting the name Grace Ann Bryant, the Queen buys a double-wide and moves into a trailer park in the one-horse town of Shady Grove, Alabama. Her contract requires her to lend aid to the local sheriff, Dylan Riggs, when supernatural problems arise.

But when two children go missing, the humans point to the trailer park queen helping the sheriff, and the zealots point at the exiled fairy. Grace must decide whether to fight for her innocence or break her contract returning to life on the run.

Bless Your Heart is a Southern Urban Fantasy that will make you laugh, cry, and laugh until you cry, as Grace wrestles with the dark fairy inside herself and starts to see that she’s more than just trailer trash.

This Box Set contains books 1 through 3: Bless Your Heart, Tinsel in a Tangle and Snake in the Grass, plus a preview of Book 4, Comin' Up a Cloud.

Reviews for Fairy Tales of a Trailer Park Queen

Bless Your Heart: Loved it!! New author just found on Amazon very impressed with her storyline. I really enjoy paranormal romance books, and this one puts a different spin on the paranormal that almost all the books I have read so far.

Tinsel in a Tangle: Whimsical, funny., well-defined characters, unexpected plot twists ---- this is a better book than the title leads you to expect , echoes of Shayne Silvers and Jim Butcher . Definitely recommended.

Snake in the Grass: Grace and her friends and family are a great bunch. The author doesn't disappoint in her storytelling and gets you hooked on the story from the first lines of the first chapter. I would recommend this series to all of my friends. I can't wait for the next book in the series.

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*Fairy Tales*
*Urban Fantasy*
*Paranormal Romance*
*Mythology & Folk Tales*

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