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Grade 3-4

Brenda Walpole

Body and Mind

Hardcover (Oxford University Press April 3, 2003)
An accessible new reference for students, The Young Oxford Library of Science is an 11-volume set that offers easy-to-find information on the physical, chemical, and biological sciences. Each volume explains its subject in language that is easy to understand and is written by its own expert author. Together, these volumes form a comprehensive library of basic knowledge on all aspects of science and how it applies to our daily lives. Volume 10: Stars and PlanetsStars and Planets takes us on a tour of outer space, from Earth's closest neighbor the moon to galaxies 14 billion light-years away. But unlike stops on an ordinary tour, all of these wonders are in constant motion. Learn why and how in 27 articles that include: * Astronomy * Solar System * Planets * Stars * Galaxies * Universe
Young Oxford Library of Science (Book 1)
0195218655 / 9780195218657
17.6 oz.
11.0 x 0.5 in.

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