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Grade 4-6

Neil Ardley

Energy and Forces

Hardcover (Oxford University Press April 3, 2003)
An accessible new reference for students, The Young Oxford Library of Science is an 11-volume set that offers easy-to-find information on the physical, chemical, and biological sciences. Each volume explains its subject in language that is easy to understand and is written by its own expert author. Together, these volumes form a comprehensive library of basic knowledge on all aspects of science and how it applies to our daily lives.Volume 5: MaterialsEarth's riches have provided human ingenuity plenty of opportunities; from wood, we make paper, from clay we make pottery, from oil we make energy. This volume explains how we extract and refine raw materials, as well as our responsibility to give back to the planet what we take. Its 28 articles include: * Chemical changes * Oil products * Plastics * Recycling * Resources * Working with metals
Young Oxford Library of Science (Book 8)
0195218604 / 9780195218602
17.6 oz.
11.0 x 0.4 in.

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