Gary O'Toole, Leanne Adshead

Vernon the Valiant Viking

Paperback (Independently published Aug. 24, 2018)
The Colourdore Collection is a series of 26 children's books designed to entertain, enthral, educate and delight children of all ages. There is a book for every letter of the alphabet. This is the story of Vernon the Valiant Viking. Welcome to the magical land of Colourdore. A secret island where Dragons and Witches and Kings and Giants, among others, live side by side. This is the story of Vernon the Valiant Viking. Vernon Bumblestacks is a Viking, and a very good one at that. One day he is tricked and challenged by a rival pirate called Jack “Orangebeard” McCall. If Vernon loses the challenge, it could very well mean he can never sail the salty seas again. Where will your next adventure take you?
1719872333 / 9781719872331
3.8 oz.
6.0 x 0.1 in.

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