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Space Probes: Robots Exploring the Cosmos

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David Jefferis

Space Probes: Robots Exploring the Cosmos

language (Starcruzer Nov. 20, 2014) , 1 edition
Space Probes looks at the journeys of robot explorers, and their missions to unlock the secrets of the Universe.

Space Probes tells the story of uncrewed space explorations, and what our machines have discovered, such as the heat-blasted surface of Venus, the glittering rings of Saturn, the sub-zero lakes of Titan, and many other wonders of the Cosmos.

And recent discoveries by the Philae probe have revealed organic molecules on a comet, raising the question, “Was our own world seeded by life from space?”

We are a curious species that needs to explore new frontiers. Today those unknown horizons are far away in deep space - and our robot explorers lead the way.

Space probes is another title in the Starcruzer Visual Companion series from award-winning technology writer David Jefferis.

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