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Alien Quest: The Search for Life Beyond Earth

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David Jefferis

Alien Quest: The Search for Life Beyond Earth

language (Starcruzer Nov. 1, 2014) , 1 edition
Alien Quest looks at the greatest mystery of space - are we alone? We know that there are billions of planets in space, but does life exist on any of those distant worlds?

Alien Quest tells the story of planet hunting, and of alien lifesearches, visiting other worlds in our Solar System, then making the leap to exoplanets, the planets of distant stars.

We learn about SETI, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, and look at the reality of UFO sightings and the possibilities for life on Mars. There’s a ‘Design an Alien’ page, and a gallery of weird extraterrestrial creatures, as dreamt up by science-fiction writers and illustrators.

The author is an award-winning children’s writer, who has written more than 90 non-fiction books which have sold around the world.

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