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Micro Machines: Ultra-Small World of Nanotechnology

Age 9-12
Grade 4-6

David Jefferis

Micro Machines: Ultra-Small World of Nanotechnology

Paperback (Crabtree Publishing Company March 1, 2006)
Journey into the small world of nanotechnology. Micro Machines takes readers into the future of computers, cars, cameras, and telecommunications. This fascinating book teaches the difference between macro, micro, and nano technologies. Clear text and extreme, close up pictures help broaden our ideas of what these tiny machines are and what they can do. Includes details on - the merging of organic, or living things with inorganic, on nano living materials. - how micro machines help in constructing buildings, and transportation systems. - micro machines designed for spying and helping police - how scientists are working on nano machines that can be injected into a person's bloodstream and used to fight diseases
Science Frontiers (Paperback)
0778728730 / 9780778728733
8.0 oz.
8.2 x 0.2 in.

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