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Avoid Being a Worker on the Taj Mahal!

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Fiona MacDonald

Avoid Being a Worker on the Taj Mahal!

Paperback (Book House Jan. 1, 2014) , UK ed. Edition
Discover what it was like to build the Taj Mahal in this new Danger Zone title. Become an ordinary, hard-working, poorly-paid labourer, living in north India around 1632 as you decide to embark on a journey to Agra to work on a vast new building project. This book explores the past and present of the Taj Mahal, explaining how and why it was built and much, much more. Featuring full-colour illustrations which combine humour and accurate technical detail, this is a fascinating new addition to the Danger Zone series.
Danger Zone
1908973803 / 9781908973801
4.8 oz.
8.31 x 0.12 in.

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