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Avoid Being Leonardo Da Vinci!

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Jacqueline Morley

Avoid Being Leonardo Da Vinci!

Paperback (Book House Jan. 1, 2014) , UK ed. Edition
Leonardo da Vinci was a great inventor, military engineer, scientist, botanist and mathematician, as well as an accomplished painter and sculptor. In this Danger Zone title, readers will learn all about the life of the man who painted the most famous picture in the world, who designed the first-ever flying machine and who spent ten years making a seven-metre tall horse! History, science and art come alive in this journey into what it would have been like to be Leonardo Da Vinci, the Renaissance man. This title in the popular Danger Zone series features full-colour illustrations which combine humour and accurate technical detail.
Danger Zone
1908973781 / 9781908973788
5.6 oz.
9.21 x 0.12 in.

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