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The Big Storm: A Very Soggy Counting Book

Nancy Tafuri

The Big Storm: A Very Soggy Counting Book

Hardcover (Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing Aug. 25, 2009)
As clouds amass overhead and rain starts to pour, ten little woodland animals hurry to find shelter. The text counts up as Bird, Mouse, Squirrel, Rabbit, Chipmunk, Woodchuck, Raccoon, Possum, and Red Fox all run for cover--then Skunk squeezes in and makes it 10! All night, they huddle together in the safety and warmth of the hollow, as the thunder claps and lightning flashes outside. In the morning, the storm has calmed, but the animals still hear the grumble of thunder in the distance. Imagine their surprise when they find the noise is coming from a bear! From 10 to 1, all of the animals scurry out of the bear's lair to find a big, beautiful day outside.

The Big Storm was selected for Southeastern Connecticut's One Book, Every Child Project!

144245430X / 9781442454309
14.4 oz.
10.2 x 10.2 in.

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