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The Donkey's Christmas Song

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Age 2-3

Nancy Tafuri

The Donkey's Christmas Song

Hardcover (Scholastic Press Oct. 1, 2002) , 1 edition
A donkey and other favorite animals welcome a very special baby in this warm, broadly appealing celebration of the first Christmas.A very special baby is born in a stable under a star, surrounded by friendly farmyard animals. The donkey wants to be the first to welcome the baby, but he is too shy. So the doves welcome him with their "Coo-coo," the cow with her "Moo-moo," and all the other animals in turn. Then, the baby welcomes the shy donkey with his own sweet smile. The donkey brays - "Hee-aw!" - and the baby laughs with joy! Then all snuggle around the baby and settle into sleep. This warm presentation of the first Christmas celebrates the wonder of a baby's birth and welcomes all into the spirit of holiday joy.
9780439273 / 9780439273138
16.0 oz.
10.8 x 0.2 in.

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