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You Are Special, Little One

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Age 4-8

Nancy Tafuri

You Are Special, Little One

Hardcover (Scholastic Press Sept. 1, 2003) , 1st Edition
This cozy companion to I LOVE YOU, LITTLE ONE celebrates all the ways children are special.

"Deep in a tree trunk by a woodland grove, a fox kit asks, 'How am I special?' And her Mama and Papa reply, 'Dear little one, with your glossy red coat and swift running body, you are so special - and we will love you forever and ever and ever.' With lyrical text and lush watercolors, Nancy Tafuri follows I LOVE YOU, LITTLE ONE with a celebration of the ways all creatures are special. Ranging from penguins in the Antarctic to lions on the savanna, baby animals around the world are told just how special they are, And lastly, a human child is praised for his curious mind and loving heart.
9780439398 / 9780439398794
13.6 oz.
12.0 x 0.25 in.

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