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WILD CHILD - Books 4, 5 and 6: Books for Girls 9-12

Katrina Kahler, Kaz Campbell

WILD CHILD - Books 4, 5 and 6: Books for Girls 9-12

Paperback (Independently published May 19, 2020)
Girls aged 9-12 will love WILD CHILD!
This is the second part of this fantastic series, and includes Book 4 - Holidays, Book 5 - Gone, and Book 6 - Changes.

Book 4 - Holidays: Sydney and Harper are spending the holidays together. They're going to Venus Beach, Sydney's old home town, with Sydney's mom. When they find out that Elliot is also going to the same place, both girls are happy and extremely excited. Harper plans for Elliot to become her boyfriend, and for Sydney to get together for her old flame, Charlie.The girls also get together with Sydney's old friends...Sandy, Rach, and Susie.

Book 5 - Gone: Boys! They can cause so many problems, especially when two girls like the same boy! When Elliot asks one of these girls to be his girlfriend, that's when everything blows up.
Two new girls, Sailor and Zali, join Harper and Sydney in their room. These two girls are almost opposite in their personality. But in the end, they work together to try to help their roommates.

Book 6 - Changes: Zali brings positivity to her friends, and each girl goes through a transformation. But then, Harper reverts to her selfish self again, putting Zali in danger of having to leave the school. Will the girls come up with a plan that will work?
Wild Child (Book 8)
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