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Kaz Campbell, Katrina Kahler

Diary of Mr TDH

language (KC Global Enterprises June 21, 2016)
Diary of Mr TDH, BOOK 1 – My Life has Changed – is FREE on Amazon.
In Book 2 – True Love -Richard has fallen in love with Maddi. She is beautiful, smart and caring...and Richard wants her to be his first girlfriend. He tries to ask her, but things (like embarrassing accidents and annoying people) get in the way.

You'll love Book 3 – Girl Wars- it is full of twists and turns and even a time traveling journey where Richard goes into the future! What will he discover? Will it affect his feelings? Who does he see in his future? And you'll love the ending!

Have you ever heard the saying, 'Two is Company and Three is a Crowd'? Obviously Linda has never heard it! Richard (Mr Tall Dark and Handsome) and Maddi (Almost Cool Girl) are meant to be together. It is obvious that their feelings are strong, so why does Linda try so hard to break them up!!!

A perfect book for girls aged 9 – 12.


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