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A Dog With Nice Ears: Featuring Charlie and Lola

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Age 3-7
Grade PK-2

Lauren Child

A Dog With Nice Ears: Featuring Charlie and Lola

Hardcover (Candlewick April 3, 2018)
Beloved siblings Charlie and Lola are back — on a quest to find Lola’s version of the perfect dog, which seems suspiciously un-doglike.At the moment, all Lola can talk about is dogs. She says she would like one more than anything you could think of. “More than a squirrel or an actual fox,” she says. Sometimes she pretends to be a dog. And sometimes she pretends that her brother, Charlie, is a dog. The two of them love to talk about what sort of dog they would choose if Mom and Dad didn’t always say, “ABSOLUTELY NO DOGS!” Dad says he’ll take Lola to the pet store to choose a rabbit, but Lola insists that she only wants a dog, an extremely furry dog with a wiggly nose, a puffy tail, and nice ears. . . . Fans old and new will cotton to this humorous Charlie and Lola adventure sure to please any child who ever longed for the ideal pet.
Charlie and Lola
1536200360 / 9781536200362
17.6 oz.
10.2 x 0.4 in.

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