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But Excuse Me That is My Book

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Age 4-8
Grade PK-3

Lauren Child

But Excuse Me That is My Book

Hardcover (Dial Books Jan. 19, 2006) , Illustrated Edition
Charlie and Lola have already won the hearts of readers in three winning books, including I Am Not Sleepy and I Will Not Go to Bed. And now they’re quickly gathering more fans as an animated series on the Disney Channel.Adorably true-to-childhood and laugh-out-loud funny, Charlie and Lola chronicles the day-to-day moments and interactions in the life of two extremely endearing siblings.

In this new tale, Lola has become obsessed with Beetles, Bugs, and Butterflies, the best book in the whole world. It’s funny, it has pictures, and it is "very great and extremely very interesting." It’s the only book she wants to take out of the library.What will she do when she discovers that somebody else has borrowed her book?

9780803730 / 9780803730960
15.7 oz.
9.81 x 0.38 in.

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