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That Pesky Rat
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Lauren Child
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Lauren Child

That Pesky Rat

Hardcover (Candlewick July 22, 2002) , First Edition edition
The creator of Clarice Bean has conjured up a clever alley critter so appealing—and so hilarious—that young readers will be begging to take him home.

Sometimes . . . I look up at all the cozy windows and wonder what it would be like to live with creature comforts . . . to be a real pet. Most of all I would like to have a name, instead of just that pesky rat.

A glamorous life in the lap of luxury like Pierre the chinchilla would be
very nice. But really, our hero’s not that fussy - he just wants to belong to somebody. With his cute, pointy brown face and beady eyes, why can’t he get someone to take him home? Even a notice posted at the local pet store seems fruitless, until one day a nearsighted old man stops in and speaks the amazing words: "I’ll take him." After all, he says, he’s been looking for ages for a brown cat as nice as this.

In her latest tour de force, acclaimed author-illustrator Lauren Child introduces a surprisingly endearing character, and assures young readers there’s enough love for all of us.
076361873X / 9780763618735
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9.4 x 0.4 in.

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