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Natalie De Marco

Sharks for Kids

language ( Aug. 23, 2013)
Sharks are amazing animals and now you and your kids can learn about them in this fun and educational book.

It's written in simple language for 4 to 8 year old children to enjoy.

Your child will learn new words and improve his or her reading skills while discovering astonishing facts about sharks.


* What is the biggest shark?

* Where sharks around when dinosaurs roamed the Earth? (Surprising answer).

* Why are sharks such deadly hunters?

* Why are Great White Sharks so feared?

* How does a shark surprise its prey?

* Do sharks chew their food? (Don't try this at home!)

* What do shark bones and your nose have in common?

* How does the liver help a shark float?

* Why some sharks NEVER stop moving. (It's life or death for them!).

* How far away can sharks hear? (Amazing answer).

* Why sharks can smell even the tiniest drop of blood!

* Why sharks keep making new teeth all the time! (And where all those teeth go...).

... and Much, Much More!

Kids of all ages will love the colorful and captivating photos of sharks in action.

I wrote this book for my child and I hope you and your children will enjoy it, as well.

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