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Natalie De Marco

Frogs for Kids

language ( May 28, 2013)
Get ready to take a tour through the wonderful world of frogs.

This book is perfect for any young reader ages 4 to 8. Younger children will also enjoy looking at the vivid pictures and hearing you read to them.

You and your child will discover intriguing facts about these unique and amazing animals.

Such as…

* Where do frogs live?

* Why do frogs have their eyes and nose at the top of their head?

* Why do frogs grow like trees?

* What do frogs eat?

* What are the differences between frogs and toads?

* How far can frogs jump?

* Why do frogs' eyes bulge so much?

* How many eyelids do frogs have?

* Why don't frogs need to drink water?

...and Much More!

Includes delightful FULL COLOR photos of the most colorful and incredible frogs you and your child have ever seen.

So get ready to have a lot of fun with your kids as you both learn amazing facts about these incredible animals.

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