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Natalie De Marco

Rabbits for Kids

language ( June 1, 2013)
Get ready to take a tour through the wonderful world of rabbits.

This book is perfect for any young reader ages 4 to 8. Younger children will also enjoy looking at the vivid pictures and hearing you read to them.

You and your child will discover intriguing facts about these unique and amazing animals.

Such as…

* Where do rabbits live?

* How big are rabbits?

* What do rabbits eat?

* Why do rabbits eat their own feces sometimes? (YUCK!!)

* How well can rabbits see?

* Why is it almost impossible to sneak up on a rabbit?

* How long are a rabbit's ears?

* How do rabbits use their ears to survive in the wild?

* How fast can rabbits run?

* How high can rabbits jump?

...and Much More!

Includes delightful FULL COLOR photos of the most adorable and incredible rabbits you and your child have ever seen.

So get ready to have a lot of fun with your kids as you both learn amazing facts about these incredible animals.

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