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Best Leveled Book for International Sloth Day

Oct 20 2020 by readling 134 views

International Sloth Day is observed on October 20th. Take your time when celebrating these slow-moving mammals, who are native to South and Central America. Slow down, read, and enjoy.

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My sloth arrived by Express Mail.
He was about the size of a mediumish dog, with a flat nose and a monkey face.
Jeny Offill, Sparky

Have you ever wondered about petting a sloth? Can he do tricks? Can he play games with you?

Sparky starts a special pet who isn't good at tricks or games... or much of anything.

Is Sparky a good pet?

How do we accept others?

By changing them to what we have expected they to be or by accepting them for who they are?

If a sloth does tricks and plays games like a cat does, will it still be a sloth?

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    Jenny Offill, Chris Appelhans


    Hardcover (Schwartz & Wade March 11, 2014)