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Best Leveled Book for Celebration of the Mind Day

Oct 21 2020 by readling 234 views

Celebration of Mind (CoM) is the day that brings people together to explore and enjoy puzzles, games, math and magic. World wide events are held annually on or around Martin Gardner's birthday (October 21st) for people to meet and share in the legacy of this polymath.

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β€œThe last level of metaphor in the Alice books is this: that life, viewed rationally and without illusion, appears to be a nonsense tale told by an idiot mathematician.”
Martin Gardner

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was the creation of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (1832–1898), a distinguished scholar and mathematician who wrote under the pseudonym of Lewis Carroll. This was one of the most popular and frequently quoted books in English language.

The story tells of a girl named Alice falls through a rabbit hole into a fantasy world where she experiences bizarre and fanciful creatures with various personalities.

Children's literature was since then transformed by this fantastic tale and the literary nonsense genre starts to propel since then.

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