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Best Book for "YOU GO GIRL" Day

Oct 11 2020 by readling 251 views

October 11th "You Go, Girl" Day.¬†It was initially a day set aside¬†solely to pay homage to Kathryn Sullivan ‚Äď the first¬†American woman to walk in space. Now, it's a day to¬†tip our hats off to all women trailblazers, and celebrate¬†their efforts. In every girl's deep¬†heart, there is an untouchable itch for a quirky adventure. Today's recommendation is about¬†the journey of a litter girl who pretty much goes to the ends of the world to prove that things don't happen for no reason.

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‚Äú A jellyfish, if you watch it long enough, begins to look like a heart beating. It doesn't matter what kind: the blood-red Atolla with its flashing siren lights, the frilly flower hat variety, or the near-transparent moon jelly, Aurelia aurita. It's their pulse, the way they contract swiftly, then release. Like a ghost heart - a heart you can see right through, right into some other world where everything you ever lost has gone to hide.‚ÄĚ
Ali Benjamin, The Thing About Jellyfish

The Thing About Jellyfish is about a girl dealing with grief after her best friend drowned. Suzy and her best friend are in a painful estrangement when Suzy learns of her death. The shocking news leaves Suzy sad, angry, and, perhaps most of all, disbelieving. Convinced that her friend, a talented swimmer, could never have drowned, Suzy becomes obsessed with proving that a freak jellyfish sting was the true catalyst for her death. Readers will feel deeply for the determined Suzy and her struggle to cope with her grief and guilt. Subtle use of the scientific method and jellyfish research provide a fascinating element to this tender tale. Check it out and remember to grab a box of tissues because this is a tear-jerker!

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