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Will Hillenbrand


Hardcover (Gulliver Books April 1, 2002) , 1st edition
The farmer and his wife are so intent on preparing for the birth of their baby, they don't notice that their animals are acting a little . . . unusual. During the day, the animals moo and quack and neigh as always. But at night, when the farmer and his wife sleep, the animals gather in the barn to work on a big surprise--a musical treat to welcome the new baby!
Will Hillenbrand brings to this traditional song the imaginative touch that made his Down by the Station a shining success. He has created a world filled with the magic of nighttime--and an exuberant celebration of the joy of a newborn. Sheet music for the song is featured with the text.
0152019456 / 9780152019457
16.0 oz.
11.0 x 0.5 in.

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