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Kite Day: A Bear and Mole Story

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Age 3-6
Grade PK-K

Will Hillenbrand

Kite Day: A Bear and Mole Story

Paperback (Holiday House Jan. 1, 2013) , Reprint Edition
On a windy spring day, Bear sniffs the air. Could it be. . . Kite day?

Rushing home he tells Mole, and the two fast friends get to work building a kite of their own. They study, and collect, and measure, and construct—and soon, their kite is flying high above the meadow.

But when a storm rumbles in—SNAP!—the kite string breaks, and all their hard work soars away. Chasing after it, Mole and Bear discover all is not lost—wedged in the branches of a tree, their kite protects a nest of baby birds from the pouring rain.

Will Hillenbrand's Bear and Mole series is the perfect choice for storytime sharing or reading aloud. Strong verbs, repetitive phrases, and fun-to-read sounds keep young listeners and readers engaged with the story, while the gentle illustrations add detail and quiet humor. Kids will delight in poring over these books again and again.

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Bear and Mole (Book 2)
9780823427 / 9780823427581
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