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Princess K.I.M. and the Lie That Grew

Age 4-8
Grade 1-3

Maryann Cocca-Leffler

Princess K.I.M. and the Lie That Grew

Hardcover (Albert Whitman & Company March 1, 2009) , First Printing edition
Kim wants the kids at her new school to like her, so she tells a teeny, tiny, bitty lie. She says her name is really “K.I.M.”―for “Katherine Isabella Marguerite”―and that she comes from a royal family! Pretty soon all the students know there is a princess in the school. Kim wears her golden tiara from dance class and a big fancy ring she won at the arcade. Her little lie grows and grows. When a classmate invites her to a birthday party, Kim says she can’t go because her grandmother is coming to visit. But she had told the kids her grandmother was a queen. Now they all want to meet the queen. Kim is in a real bind; her lie has grown too big and it’s about ready to explode!
AWARDS: Young Hoosier Primary Awards 2011-2012
0807541788 / 9780807541784
13.6 oz.
10.8 x 0.3 in.

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