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Little Red Bird: A Tale Told in Rhyme

Age 3-6
Grade PK-1

Nick Bruel

Little Red Bird: A Tale Told in Rhyme

Hardcover (Roaring Brook Press April 29, 2008) , First Edition

SOMETHING NEW AND UNEXPECTED – sweet and gentle– from the creator of Bad Kitty and Poor Puppy.

Sweetly enchanting paintings and a gently rhyming text tell the tale of the little red bird who is quite content in her cage, but curious… When the cage door is left open, she sees her chance and bravely hops out into the world. It's all so magnificent and thrilling for the little red bird – and for readers. In the end, Nick Bruel leaves both with a question. When the bird sees a familiar house and window and golden cage, will she return to it? Would you?

AWARDS: Young Hoosier Primary Awards 2011-2012
1596433396 / 9781596433397
12.0 oz.
9.33 x 0.34 in.

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