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Shadow of the Ninja
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Andrew Matthews
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Andrew Matthews

Shadow of the Ninja

Paperback (Usborne Jan. 1, 2010)
This is the thrilling sequel to the Samurai tale "The Way of the Warrior"; a story of truth, honour, bravery and love in sixteenth century Japan. Young samurai Jimmu puts his life on the line when he sets out to rescue his master's daughter from a rival warlord. Jimmu cannot save Takeko alone, so when he meets a band of ninja warriors, he is tempted to enlist their help. But samurai live by their code of honour, while ninjas are notorious cold-blooded killers. Will Jimmu join forces with the deadly ninja, and learn to live, and die, their way?
1409506207 / 9781409506201
6.2 oz.
5.12 x 0.55 in.

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