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Throwing Smoke
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Bruce Brooks
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Laura Geringer
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Age 10+
Grade 4-6

Bruce Brooks

Throwing Smoke

Library Binding (Laura Geringer June 30, 2000)
<P>Whiz loves playing baseball, but his team, the Breadhurst Newts, just isn't up to snuff. Something has to change, especially after they lose a game to the Mudcats, the worst team around. That's when Whiz gets an idea. It's far-fetched, its wild -- but it just might get the team what it needs. Why not create a character in the dark, dusty print shop where he works after school?</P><P>Letter by letter, Whiz drops the metal type into place, then inks the press, lays down the parchment, and rolls the press.</P><P>The next day Whiz heads for practice early, before anyone else is there -- yet he senses he is not alone....</P><P>Children's Pick of the List 2000 (ABA)</P>
0060283203 / 9780060283209
11.5 oz.
6.0 x 0.8 in.

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