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Indira Gandhi: Political Leader in India

Age 10-12
Grade 5-9

Barbara Somervill

Indira Gandhi: Political Leader in India

Library Binding (Compass Point Books Jan. 1, 2007)
From 1900 to the present day, humanity and the world have undergone major changes. Drastic shifts in theories and practice tested the standards of personal freedoms and religious conventions as well as science, technology, and industry. The new mind-set of the modern world includes a focus on humanitarianism and the belief that a global economy has made the world a more connected place. Leadership and power were Indira Gandhi’s birthright. She was raised in a world of politics amid the struggle for independence. It was her destiny to lead India, but it would not be easy. She would sacrifice her personal life for her nation. She believed that all people could live together. But religious and cultural battles in her own region put her beliefs to the test. She loved her country, and she loved its people. She was Mother India.
Signature Lives: Modern World
0756518857 / 9780756518851
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