Age 0+
Grade 3-4

Fran Balkwill, Mic Rolph

Have a Nice DNA

Hardcover (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press June 21, 2002) , 1st Edition
Enjoy Your Cells is a new series of children's books from the acclaimed creative partnership of scientist/author Fran Balkwill and illustrator Mic Rolph. Once again, they use their unique brand of simple but scientifically accurate commentary and exuberantly colorful graphics to take young readers on an entertaining exploration of the amazing, hidden world of cells, proteins, and DNA. It's over ten years since Fran and Mic invented a new way of getting science across to children. Think what extraordinary advances have been made in biology in that timeand how often those discoveries made headlines. Stem cells, cloning, embryo transfer, emerging infections, vaccine developmentELhere in these books are the basic facts behind the public debates. With these books, children will learn to enjoy their cells and current affairs at the same time. And they're getting information that has been written and reviewed by working scientists, so it's completely correct and up-to-date. Readers aged 7 and up will appreciate the stories' lively language and with help, even younger children will enjoy and learn from the jokes and illustrationsno expert required! This series is a must for all elementary school students and those who care about educating them to be well-informed in a world of increasingly complex health-related and environmental issues.
Enjoy Your Cells, 3 (Book 3)
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