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Grade 3-4

Steven Rose, Fran Balkwill, MIC Rolph


Paperback (Portland Pr Nov. 1, 1997)
What happens when you read? Your eyes do the seeing, your mind does the thinking and your fingers turn the pages. These parts of your body are co-ordinated by your brain. What does your brain look like and what is it made of? There are a hundred times more nerve cells inside your head than there are people alive in the world! These nerve cells carry electrical messages, not just within the brain, but to each and every part of your body. Your brain has to do much more than receive messages and send them out again: making and storing memories, for instance, and controlling feelings and behaviour. What is so special about your brain? Find out how to keep it fit and busy. Play some games that will really boggle your brain.
Making Sense of Science Ser
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