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Robert Goddard and the Rocket

Age 8-11
Grade 3-6

Louise A Spilsbury

Robert Goddard and the Rocket

Library Binding (PowerKids Press Jan. 15, 2016)
Robert Goddard changed the face of air and space travel forever when he launched his inventionthe first liquid-fueled rocket. This book introduces readers to Goddards early days, from the moment he set his eyes to the vast sky and the space beyond, to his first explosive experiments. Readers will learn about the technology behind Goddards first rockets and how they affected the design and use of later rockets. This is a high-interest approach to introducing important STEM topics, as well as history. Readers will love paging through the authentic photographs and exploring the information-rich text and timeline for a deeper understanding of this exciting biography.
Inventions That Changed the World (Powerkids)
1508146411 / 9781508146414
13.6 oz.
9.0 x 0.5 in.

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