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Animal Bodies: Extreme Anatomies

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Age 8-12
Grade 4-6

Louise Spilsbury

Animal Bodies: Extreme Anatomies

Paperback (Gareth Stevens Pub Jan. 1, 2015)
The strange bodies animals have developed over time are endlessly fascinating. The hammerhead sharks odd head may look strange, but it helps the shark see all around itself. The ugly face of the puss moth caterpillar helps keep predators away, and the scorpions deadly tail can do some damage despite how bizarre it may look. Many questions readers may have about some of the most extreme animal anatomy can be answered in this volume, which includes up-close photographs of some pretty dangerous animals as well as thorough explanations of why they look the way they do.
Extreme Biology
148242231X / 9781482422313
12.6 oz.
8.0 x 0.2 in.

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