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The Mystery of the Hither Charcote Phantom

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Michael White

The Mystery of the Hither Charcote Phantom

eBook (EDP Sept. 21, 2016) , 1 edition
When Hetty Henderson lost her last remaining parent, her school place and her home in a very short period of time she decided that it was time that she bought herself a cat, the only proviso being that it was black. “Lucky” the elegantly (If not creatively) named but sadly doomed cat regrettably lasted less than three days after the unfortunate moggie had a life changing, or to be more accurate, life ending encounter with Mister Huxtable’s bread wagon. (Motto: “Our bread rises before you do.”) This resulted in a somewhat flat cat and a not even barely scratched bread wagon. The school had not been terribly happy about Hetty’s sudden efforts in the area of cat acquisitions but put up with it on the grounds that she had just suffered a rather unfortunate loss. Mister Huxtable, the driver of the bread wagon, had been inconsolable, Hetty merely discouraged. Lucky had sadly just been rather flat, and disappointingly not in fact, very lucky at all.When Hetty is sent to live with her distant relative, Montague Morrison, in the backwaters of the English countryside in the village of Hither Charcote she soon finds herself settling in. Montague proves to be rather eccentric, and is the founder and president of the Hither Charcote Paranormal Society (Motto: “Ghostbuster do it in the dark” (T-Shirts available at all good stockists)), which Hetty soon finds herself warming to.Warming to because Hetty has a secret friend. A friend that only she can see. His name is “Boo”, and “Boo” is a ghost…Suitable for readers of all ages, The "Montague, Hetty & Boo Mysteries" is a series of humorous spooky mysteries and adventures.

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