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Michael B. White

Mastering C#

Paperback (Independently published May 19, 2019)
Let’s be very honest, a programming language cannot be learned in “one day” or “fast”. You will need lots of examples and practice to learn C#, especially if you are beginner. Beware of other shorter books that only touch on the topic and do not provide enough exercises or examples.

This book was designed to make concepts as easy as possible, while explaining how programming works. This guide is different from others in that it includes a variety of different exercises that readers can learn from.

You no longer have to waste your money on books that are are only 200 pages and do not deliver enough value. You deserve better.

Consider the Table of Contents below and you will see that this book stands out from the others.

Part 1: Beginner Guide.NET FrameworkInstalling Visual StudioCompiling and Running Your ProjectC# CommentsC# KeywordsVariablesBasic MathUser InputMath Part 2Decision-makingSwitch StatementsLoopingArraysEnumerations

Part 2: Intermediate GuideMethodsClasses Part 1Stack vs. HeapGarbage CollectionClasses Part 2PropertiesStructsInheritancePolymorphism, Virtual Methods, and Abstract ClassesInterfacesGenerics: Part 1Generics: Part 2

Part 3: Advanced GuideFile I/OError Handling: ExceptionsDelegatesEventsThreadingOperator OverloadingIndexersUser-Defined ConversionsExtension MethodsQuick Quiz

Part 4: More Advanced SectionC# ReflectionAnonymous FunctionsAsynchronous ProgrammingLINQParallel Class and PLINQUnderstanding PLINQ SpeedupQuery Operators and OrderingUsing Unsafe CodeAn Introduction to Windows FormsConclusionAnswersReferences

If you want to learn C# the right way, scroll up and order your copy today.
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7.5 x 1.2 in.

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