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The Island of the Skog
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Steven Kellogg
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Steven Kellogg

The Island of the Skog

Hardcover (Dial Jan. 1, 1973)
Shout it once! Shout it twice!
Friends forever! Skog and mice!

Since its publication in 1973, The Island of the Skog has been a favorite of children everywhere-and of the author himself! We're delighted to remind you of this beloved book on its thirtieth birthday.

Jenny and her city-mouse friends take to the seas in search of a more peaceful place to live. But when they arrive at what first seems the island of their dreams, they have a giant problem to contend with: the island's only inhabitant, the Skog. Judging by his enormous footprints, he seems a more terrible threat than a hundred urban cats and dogs. How will the mice master their new domain?

Funny, exciting and sweet, The Island of the Skog is a timeless tale of cooperation and compromise. It won the Michigan State Young Readers Award, and was included on Booklist's Books for Every Child and the CBC Books for Peace list.
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