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Unicorn Is Maybe Not So Great After All

Age 3-5
Grade PK-K

Bob Shea

Unicorn Is Maybe Not So Great After All

Hardcover (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers July 9, 2019)
You remember Unicorn. You know, Goat's friend? The one who can fly, make it rain cupcakes, and turn things into gold? On the first day of school, Unicorn expects to make his usual big splash. But no one pays him much attention--the other kids are much more interested in the latest trend in toys: rubber bands that look like other things. Unicorn comes up with a plan to get his mojo back, but his efforts turn out to be more annoying than impressive. Can Goat help him recover his magic, or is Unicorn destined to a life of mediocrity?
1368009441 / 9781368009447
13.4 oz.
9.1 x 0.6 in.

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