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Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great

Age 3-5
Grade PK-K

Bob Shea

Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great

Hardcover (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers June 25, 2013) , Illustrated Edition
Ever since Unicorn moved into the neighborhood, Goat has been feeling out of sorts. Goat thought his bike was cool-until he saw that Unicorn could fly to school! Goat made marshmallow squares that almost came out right, but Unicorn made it rain cupcakes! Unicorn is such a show-off, how can Goat compete? When Goat and Unicorn share a piece of pizza, Goat learns that being a unicorn might not be all it's cracked up to be. And when Unicorn shows his admiration for Goat, it looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
1423159527 / 9781423159520
13.4 oz.
9.0 x 0.5 in.

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