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The Tundra: Discover This Frozen Biome

Age 7-10
Grade 2-5

Philip Johansson

The Tundra: Discover This Frozen Biome

Paperback (Enslow Elementary Jan. 1, 2015)
Take a walk in the tundra in the summer and you will discover a biome where the sun never sets! But during the cold winter, the sun may not shine for months. What animals and plants could survive in such a place? In this eye-opening book, you will learn why the tundra biome can support such a surprising variety of plants and wildlife, despite its harsh conditions. From huge polar bears hunting silently on the ice to caribou herds migrating to warmer pastures, every living thing plays a part in the biome community. Come take a hike and see how the web of life thrives in the tundra biome.
Discover the World's Biomes
0766064263 / 9780766064263
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7.4 x 0.2 in.

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