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A Family Dinner
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Cory Q Tan
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The Luminous Cat
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Cory Q Tan

A Family Dinner

Paperback (The Luminous Cat Aug. 15, 2019)
Winner, Honourable Mention for Picture Books (Age 6 & Up) at the Story Monster Royal Dragonfly Book Awards 2019. Mum’s cooking carrot and potato soup for dinner, but she’s run out of carrots! So she sent Dad on an errand to buy more from the corner grocery shop, just five minutes’ walk from home. What could possibly go wrong? Who would expect such a simple outing to turn out to be an adventure of a life time for Dad, filled with dangers and bizarre encounters he would never forget. Follow our hero on this simple mission gone terribly wrong, and witness the incredible strength, determination, and courage of a parent who would do everything he could, just to make an ordinary dinner possible. Targeted at 6-8 year olds, this is a book that celebrates the unconditional love of parents for their family and children, which transcends all hardships and sacrifices, just to put bread on the table, and in this case-carrots!
981142537X / 9789811425370
9.1 oz.
8.5 x 0.2 in.

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