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A Hero's Cape
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Cory Q Tan
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The Luminous Cat
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Cory Q Tan

A Hero's Cape

Paperback (The Luminous Cat Sept. 22, 2018)
A boy was reading a book in the park when a strange red cloth descended from the sky and landed on him. It's a Flying Cape! But just as Luck would have it, he lost the Cape as quickly as he found it. Join our hero in his quest to retrieve the Cape, in a series of hilarious and unexpected encounters with various characters in the neighbourhood, including a Father and a Baby, a Girl walking her Dog in the park, a Cat eager to protect her Kittens, and many others. In the end, would he be able to retrieve the Hero's Cape? Or would he be able to discover the true meaning of kindness, courage and sacrifice?This is Cory Q Tan's second book, following his first book 'A Very Special Cat', also published in 2018.
9811188521 / 9789811188527
8.2 oz.
8.5 x 0.2 in.

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